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02 June 2013 @ 02:27 am

Title: Relinquishment
Rating: PG
Pairing: Krisho
Prompt: Suho knows that exo-k are on the brink of collapse so he offers himself to kris, leader of the exo-m pack, in exchange for their packs to merge.
A/N : I'm so sorry, If thi isn't what you wanted. I kinda lost my muse halfway. Hopefully you'll enjoy. :D

Everyone was leaving one by one. They started with 30 and they were slowly diminishing, they were leaving, some being hunted and some just ran. He didn’t know what he was doing wrong only the orphans were left. The younger ones which had no where else to go. Suho knew that the only way he could keep his pack fed and sheltered was to merge, he had to step down as alpha and bow down to another.


Suho took a deep breath as he knock on the door, hearing growls and stumbling from the other side. His rag tag were standing behind him, their meagre belongings in their hands, back packs and such.

The door opened and revealed a tall man, it was Kris Suho realized he also realized that he barely reached the other’s shoulder. “Um, Hi” Suho began waving his hand awkwardly, glancing behind the tall males and into the house where 5 other wolves were already in form ready to pounce.

Kris raised a brow at the man in front of him. He had smelt another pack of wolves before he had heard a knock. His pack transforming and getting into defensive positions. When Kris opened the door he hadn’t expected to to see another alpha in front of him with his pack behind him. Suho. The alpha and his from the other side of town.

Kris gestured for them to enter and he signaled his pack to calm down. Leading Suho to the middle of the living room, his pack standing at the side, watching quietly while being guarded by his own pack.

“How can I help you?” Kris asked as he eyed the other man warily, it was rare for wolves to visit one another what more an alpha and his whole pack unless it was for territorial rights. “I need help” Suho said softly as he bowed down, his knees tucked under him, his hands behind his back and head bowed down.

Kris knew this stance, it was a stance when someone was submitting also, when one was offering himself. “My pack is in trouble and I need help” Suho said his voice straining with the effort to kneel. He was an alpha and alphas didn’t kneel.

Suho transformed into the white wolf he was, his nose touching the taller man’s feet. “Please, the members of my pack will starve and I can’t let that happen. They’re still pups” Suho barked softly, knowing fully well that the other alpha could understand him.

“I will revoke my status as alpha if you will take in my pack.”

Kris didn’t know what to think, here he was standing while another alpha was bowed on his knees begging him to take his pack in. Kris growled, transforming into a wolf, one of midnight black fur. He stood in front of the white wolf, dominating his space. He watched as the other wolf flinched. “I will take in your pack, only and only if you submit yourself to me and only me” Kris growled.

Suho whimpered and he heard Kris’ demand. He had known this would be a demand yet it didn’t make it easier for him to accept it. “I do” Suho whimpered. He was being humiliated, Suho could feel his cheeks burning and the stares from his former pack, now Kris’. The stares of disappointment.

Suho felt like such a failure, he had failed to provide for his pack and now here he was bowing down to another. Submitting himself.

Kris had transformed back to his former self. His fingers under the former alpha’s muzzle. “Turn back” Kris demanded. Suho had no choice but to obey. He turned back to his former self still kneeled down in his submissive position.

“Come” Kris demanded. Suho sat on his hunches unsurely, he didn’t know if he was to crawl or walk. He was saved the trouble when Kris gently took his hand and guided him to stand. “The rest of you, get Suho’s pack settled, they’re now one of us”


It had been almost a month since that night and Suho and his pack had settled in properly. That night Kris had brought him to his bed, where he had submitted himself to the others dominance. They had continued quite a few times after that, because Suho had submitted and offered himself to the alpha he was required to do anything that was asked; including sharing a bed and his body.

He should have hated the Alpha for humiliating that way but Suho couldn’t help it, he was falling for the charms of the Alpha male. Kris was caring, responsible and he was a provider something never was. His pack was almost on the brink of collapse when he had given up his status.

His fur was no longer white. Slowly turning a mixed grey now that his status was revoked.

Suho frowned as Kai and Sehun wrestled with Tao causing quite a lot of havoc in the process. He was about to stop them when a hand clamped on his shoulder. “Let them be” Kris murmured, his hand still not leaving his shoulder. “I want you to change.” Kris suddenly said.

Suho gulped, it had been so long. Suho closed his eyes calling for the wolf within in, quickly transforming. There he stood, his white fur now slightly mixed with grey, his eyes no longer golden but now a bronze, slowly changing to an average brown.

“What’s happening to your fur?” Kris asked softly as he played with the fur with the tips of his fingers. Kris remembered the last time he had seen the other transform, his fur had been white a magnificent and beautiful white. Showing off his elegance and beauty.

Suho looked away. “I am no longer an Alpha” Suho answered shortly.

Kris frowned, what did status have to do with the fur? Kris looked closer also realizing that Suho’s eyes were no longer gold like he had first seen but now they were a dirty bronze bordering on brown.

Kris had seen the single tear that betrayed Suho’s ignorance. Kris truly felt sorry, would he have been willing to give up his statues as alpha to seek help from another pack and in turn humiliating and submitting himself? The answer was no, he would rather have died then done that. And for Suho to do that showed how much he treasured his pack.


Suho was once again in Kris’ bed the sheets covering their bodies. It was the first time that Kris was holding him close. The very first time. Usually Kris would have given him a peck and then leave but tonight was different he could feel it.

“Suho” Kris murmured. “Will you be my beta?” He asked suddenly as he placed a light kiss on Suho’s exposed shoulder. “I would love too, but I can’t” Suho said softly.


“Because I have already submitted myself and everyone probably thinks very lowly of me, especially my pack”

“That’s not true. You can be a Beta and you will be a Beta. This is an order” Kris said as he caressed Suho’s cheek.

“Yes, Sir” Suho said demurely.

“And will you be my mate?” Kris asked suddenly.

“Yes I would love too” Suho answered this time happily. He turned around and cuddled into the other male nibbling on Kris’ shoulder.


The white wolf was back, his fur grey-less only a beautiful pure white. Kris couldn’t be happier this creature was his and his only.

woonistewooniste on June 8th, 2013 07:29 pm (UTC)
krisho <33333333 I love caring kris ;_;
junmyounjunmyoun on June 29th, 2013 05:46 pm (UTC)
sub suho + tsundere kris THIS IS A WIN